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Career In Action: Questions You Need To Ask To Reveal If You Really Like Your Job

It should be simple enough to know whether or not we like our jobs, shouldn’t it? In reality though, things aren’t always that straight forward. We live in a world that celebrates material gain and power, so when we ask ourselves whether we like our jobs, do these factors influence our answer?


If you earn a respectable salary and have climbed the ladder do you try to convince yourself you like your job because society thinks you should? And if you earn minimum wage but enjoy your work, do you feel guilty for not being more ambitious, choosing to find fault because you think you should be dissatisfied?


There are ten key questions we should all honestly answer when we are trying to reveal whether we like our work which are listed below. Be as honest as possible when answering them for yourself.


Do you like the company culture? Corporate / Informal
Do you like those you work with?
Do you like the level of responsibility you hold?
Do you feel your compensation package is adequate?
Do you like how busy / quiet you are on average?
Do you like the daily tasks and what the actual job involves?
Do you like the location of where you work?
If you would like a promotion, is one possible within the company, is there room for growth?
If you want to study, does your company offer a sponsorship programe?
Do you like your work / life balance?


If you answered the majority of questions yes, you like your job – lucky you and congratulations!


If you answered no to most questions you may want to read this month’s hot topic carefully and assess whether your current work is where you would like to be long-term.


Did your answers reveal anything surprising? Which questions did you answer no to and why? Overall, do you like your job? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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