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Do You Want A Career Or A Job (And What The Difference Is)

In my working life I have had both jobs and careers. Whilst a job pays the bills it is typically low stress, relatively unchallenging and seldom involves taking work home. Financially the rewards are often modest too.


Career based roles tend to entail greater responsibility, involve skills requiring professional or academic training and are typically better paid. Having said that, not always but often, these roles involve taking work home.


Jobs are neither better nor worse than career based roles, simply different, and both jobs and career based roles have their pros and cons.


Whilst jobs tend to encourage a greater work / life balance, provided you can avoid doing shift work, careers compensate more, though they often come with greater stress.


Of course I am not suggesting that all career based roles offer a poor work / life balance – some are extremely rewarding (I’ve always imagined being a therapist would be such an example) and allow you to be your own boss, working from home. Of course nothing is ever perfect, and being your own boss is a responsibility in and of itself.

If I had to generalize my experience, job based roles offer a more care free working environment (with a few exceptions) and almost always you can leave your work behind you as soon as you leave the office, or bar, or depot. Indeed, for some, shift work is even desirable if it entails late starts or more than two days off a week.


NB: The one exception to this would be if you were to work 100% on commission, which can be extremely stressful when paying bills.


Ultimately only you can decide which option to pursue, whether it be job based roles or career based roles, as both have clear and distinct advantages.


Wishing you all the happiness you deserve,


x X x Jenny x X x


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