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Is Fear Dictating You Stay In Your Current Role?

This is a tricky one. I am currently looking for my next career move however the idea of remaining in my role remains a very appealing one for several reasons.


I am familiar with the role and can perform well easily. The salary is acceptable and if I stay in the role it will only be for another year.


Do I move to another role now, perhaps making my resume look jumpy and placing myself on another steep learning curve, or stay put, remaining in a role which I no longer find challenging?


In practice I had to separate my fears of the unknown to make an informed decision, as fear muffles even the most strategic and logical of minds! So I decided to look for other opportunities, having resolved to not move unless a role comes up which offers the compensation package and level of responsibility that would advance my career.


Your fears may be different, but one thing I do know, fear in any form should not impact career decisions – a safe life is often one left unlived.


Have you ever been afraid to leave your job or start a new one? How did you work to overcome your fear or did you simply not let it influence your decision, despite its existence? Have you ever moved against your fears by taking a risk on a new job or career and found it was one of the best things you’d ever done? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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