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Sick Of Your Nine To Five? How To Love What You Do And Get The Most Out Of Your Career – Part Two

Last week we examined the health implications of both loving and hating what we do. This week we get practical and explore how we can begin to get the most out of our careers – have a pen and paper ready!


Current Job; Likes and Dislikes


When I was unhappy at my job in London I took a great deal of time to list everything I liked about my job and everything I didn’t. This may seem a lot like a pros and cons list however it is slightly different as, whilst pros and cons list advantages and disadvantages, my list showed the elements of my job I liked and disliked – which I found a tad more revealing in terms of the direction I might go in, in future. I would encourage you to do a list of your very own – to get you thinking about all the different aspects there is to both like and dislike about a job I have itemized them below :


Current job: Like or Dislike?


  • Corporate or relaxed environment
  • Large or small company
  • Working alone or as part of a team
  • Level of responsibility (i.e. staff, supervisor, lower management, middle management or upper management)
  • One main task or varied role
  • Is the job busy or quiet and what is your preference?
  • Is there a chance for progression in the company?
  • The actual tasks involved in the job, like or dislike?
  • The compensation package (pay, bonus, pension, car, medical, life insurance, holiday)


Evaluating whether or not to stay put


It is always very tricky to evaluate whether your current role is rewarding and fulfilling enough to stay. The pull of staying in a job you are familiar with and the thought of starting a new job – especially if it will advance your career and stretch you – can be a daunting one for many and both these factors can influence people to stay put in a job they dislike.


When I evaluated whether I was happy in my job as a receptionist I asked myself many challenging questions to get to the bottom of whether I was genuinely fulfilled in my role. I have listed these questions below so you too can evaluate whether you find your current role rewarding enough to stay in. Although these questions will uncover very revealing answers ultimately only you will know whether your job provides you with enough fulfillment to stay.


  1. Do you find yourself taking short cuts because you lack motivation?
  2. Do you often feel bored at work?
  3. Do you often feel overwhelmed at work?
  4. Do you often feel unappreciated at work?
  5. Do you dislike your work environment?
  6. Do you derive satisfaction from your daily tasks?
  7. Do you take pride in a job well done?
  8. Do you feel in control of your work load?
  9. Do you feel you are fairly financially compensated for your job?
  10. Will your work will invest in your professional development and do you want them to?


Are you debating whether or not to stay in your current role? Did looking through the exercises help you to clarify what you are seeking? Do you think you will stay or leave your current job? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community.


Stay tuned – next week we will be examining our strengths and weaknesses and how to match these to our ideal job.


Further Resources:


‘The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success’ by Nicholas Lore

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