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This Month’s Hot Topic Is… ‘How To Love What You Do And Get The Most Out Of Your Career’

I’m very excited to share this month’s hot topic with you on career planning. There are more people unhappy in their working lives than ever and I personally believe it is an epidemic! I’m drawing on many of the techniques featured in this series at the moment as I search for my next career move.


In this month’s hot topic each Monday in the series posts we will examine:


The psychological effect of hating work and its impact on our health
The psychological effect of loving work and its impact on our health
Current Job; Likes and Dislikes
Evaluating whether or not to stay put
Listing your weaknesses, strengths and skills
Deciding on your ideal job
Creating your ideal job description, pay and industry / environment
Being strategic
Deciphering between the job and the people
Considering further professional training
What to do if you decide to stay
Finding the silver lining


As ever please stay tuned for the Career In Action posts, typically every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (though this meaty hot topic will be jam packed with these throughout the week). The ‘In Action’ posts will feature practical exercises designed to take you through the career / job planning stages – enabling you to implement the topics covered in the series posts so they impact your professional life for the better.


Finally, if you are perfectly happy in your career please spread the word to those that aren’t about this series. I’m very excited about the insights and techniques I have to share with you this month and want more than anything to reach and help people unhappy professionally.


Wishing you all a wonderful week,

x X x Jenny x X x


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