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Why Loving Your Job Makes You More Successful

Loving what you do is one of the biggest indicators of success, whether that be by the worlds standards of money and power or by the spiritual standards of fulfillment and joy (or, if you’re very lucky, by both!). Heck, that’s the very reason this series is called what it is.


When we are passionate about what we do and find it deeply rewarding we can’t help but work hard, reaping the rewards.


When we talk about loving what we do however it needn’t mean we are changing the world in big ways, are famous or inventing revolutionary technologies. For any job you can think of, there is someone in this world who loves doing it.


A HGV (or heavy goods vehicle driver) might love the feeling of being on the road and the solitude it provides. A cleaner might take great pride in making sure everything is pristine and love how she gets to go home at night without any work emails.


I guess my point is that the world sometimes has a slightly restrictive view on what a worthwhile job is, but in the end only you will know if it feeds your soul or supports your lifestyle.


Whatever you choose to do, I would encourage you to do something you find rewarding and, even better, something you love.


Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


x X x Jenny x X x

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