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Under Construction – New Website On The Way! (But Don’t Worry, I’m Keeping The Web Address)

Some of you may have noticed that posts have been reduced to only the Monday series articles. In truth there are several reasons, some of which I shall share with you and others which I’m sure, given time, I will write about. I have had a very tough start to 2017, as my dog, Rusty, died from kidney failure. He was my baby and with me since the age of nineteen. I grew up with him and when he passed I felt like he took a bit of me with him. It was my first experience of death as an adult and a very difficult time. Thankfully my faith saw me through and was such a source of strength.


Then around a month ago I had difficulty in one of my close relationships, this has subsided however the healing process is ongoing – though I am now confident enough to say the relationship is on the right path once again. During these trials the one thing I can honestly say I’ve missed is connecting and sharing life with you all. Although I didn’t take the decision to cut back on my writing commitments lightly, I knew that I would not have been living in alignment with my values or therapy had I not followed stress management 101 – reduce demands and increase resources.


And now for my exciting announcement – Accessible Psychology is getting a complete redesign!


Don’t worry I’m keeping the web address however pretty much everything else will be new and improved. One of the main reasons for the redesign is that…


…I feel the website looks outdated, busy and is too hard to navigate. This will be remedied with a magazine style look and feel which is easy to browse. All the content will be moved over, including the pages and resources. Naturally this will involve a great deal of work on my end, hence why posts will be restricted to Monday series articles for the next several months.


Once the redesign is complete, I’ll be back to posting daily, as per usual.


There will be the usual Monday series posts, the ‘In Action’ exercises and the linear posts every week, themed according to the current month’s ‘Hot Topic’. The ‘In Action’ articles will typically be every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will feature practical exercises helping you to apply the main principles of the Monday series posts to your daily lives.  Linear daily posts will be published on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.


Your Chance To Have Your Say!


Most importantly I want to hear from you. This is your chance to directly impact the design of the new website. Do you have a bug bear about the current site you would like resolved? How would you like for the site to look? Are there any cool features you’ve seen on other sites you would like to see Accessible Psychology adopt? Please share your thoughts in the comments below as soon as you can and I will do my very best to incorporate your suggestions.


Wishing you all the success, happiness and love you deserve,


x X x Jenny x X x



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