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A Message Just For You…

In the lead up to the re-launch I have examined my writing and I have to say I cringed at some of it. I think part of being a writer is critiquing your own work and as you progress on your journey you learn new things. Looking back I feel like I’ve dropped the ball a bit. As some of you know I also work a nine to five and – if I’m really honest – in order to keep up with the volume of work I need to put out there I feel I’ve let the quality of my writing slide a bit. At times I’ve written almost on autopilot, sharing my knowledge on areas but in a way that, when I re-read it, seemed slightly dry and impersonal.


What’s more I felt that in some of my writing the tone has been hinting that I know it all and obviously have it all figured out – which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m on a journey the same as everyone and the reason why I started this blog was because I genuinely wanted to share what has helped me along the way, in the hope it could help others.

So I wanted to apologize if you ever felt my tone was off key – this was never my intention and I want you to know I have a huge amount of respect for each and every one of you. Looking to foster more self awareness and growth in your life is a very courageous thing to do and you should be extremely proud of yourself for taking that step.


As of the 17th June I am taking six months off work to study, meaning I will have more time to dedicate to Accessible Psychology and my writing. I aim to use this time wisely to refocus my efforts and, as of August, there will be daily postings again and the site will be in full swing.

Please do let me know what you think of the new site and all of the social media channels; after all you are the heart and soul of Accessible Psychology and the only reason why I continue to do what I do.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,

With much love and respect,

x X x Jenny x X x


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