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Best Blogs

Here at Accessible Psychology I like to make things, well, accessible! This page gives you a run down of all of the best psychology and personal development blogs on the web – each one completely inspiring and each one designed to help you live the life you long for.


To make things even simpler I have categorized them into four sections:




Positive Psychology


Finding Harmony


Personal Development and Success


With these blogs at your fingertips you need never aimlessly browse the web again!





Psychology Today

This blog has an exceptionally diverse and wide range of psychology articles, covering everything from neuroscience to relationships. The quality and content are second to none, with only thoroughly researched pieces only making the cut.

Psych Central

This blog has a plethora of articles on mental health and psychology and typically has articles with a more personable, rather than theoretical, edge.

Positive Psychology


Positively Positive

This site is brimming with positivity! If I am ever having an off day, these are the articles I read to inspire myself and re-establish a positive mindset!

Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project)

An entire site dedicated to making your life the happiest it can possibly be! Now also features fascinating articles on breaking bad habits and forming healthy new ones. This blog is well researched, humorous and insightful.

Finding Harmony


The Grass Gets Greener

This blog is for survivors of trauma and shares a positive and uplifting message that though trauma may be part of your history, it doesn’t need to be part of your future – which can be happier and better than you could ever imagine! The site gives invaluable tips and advice to be at peace with your past and in love with your life.


Tiny Buddha

This entire blog shares real life stories and the lessons learnt from those valuable life experiences. This inspirational site beautifully shows that through sharing our stories we can gain collective wisdom to learn and grow into being our best selves.


Getting Balance

The mind and body section to this blog is fabulous, with articles like ‘How to make your day better with kindness’ and ‘How yoga helps you get rid of negative thoughts’. A wonderfully restorative read!

Zen Habits

The blog designed to streamline your life. Follow Leo Babauta as he finds equilibrium and writes on a variety of topics including mindfulness, habits, motivation, stress and even writing a book.

Personal Development and Success


Stephenie Zamora

A blog on life, relationships and work success. The motto is ‘Live Your Passion. Love Your Life’ and I have to say it delivers every time. The posts are thoughtful and motivational – get ready to live on purpose!


Lolly Daskal

A blog dedicated to leadership and workplace success but with articles like ‘Why you should play on your strengths, not focus on your weaknesses’ it is an interesting read for anyone with even a little ambition.


Marie Forleo

A blog designed to help you create a business and life you love. With interview guests like Tony Robbins and testimonials from Richard Branson, Marie Forleo is a world-class leader and has set herself apart as the go to person for living with passion.

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