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This page has three main sections, all catered to different stages of creating the life we long for.


The CCI InfoPax section is dedicated to everyone who cannot afford professional treatment plans for areas they are struggling with  I.E: depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem or even procrastination. You can check out their full range of courses by clicking on section one. They are recommended by the worlds top therapists and are FREE Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based courses which you can download, print off and work through by yourself.

Take me to Section One; Free CBT Courses


The second section is dedicated to those fortunate enough to be receiving professional help. There are plenty of worksheets in the Psychology Tools section which you can download, fill out and work through with your therapist.

Take me to Section Two; Free Therapy Worksheets & Monitoring Tools


Finally, the third section is dedicated to those who want to enhance their life by fostering greater levels of happiness and calm. The Action For Happiness website is superb and their two courses – which you can download within this section – are inspiring yet practical. In today’s busy world it’s much harder to remain happy if we are stressed, anxious or just frazzled. Headspace – the world’s best mindfulness app – answers societies deep need for a calm mind and spirit by providing literally hundreds of hours worth of themed meditations. They cover everything you could possibly imagine – from the obvious, like anxiety and sleep, to the novel, like prioritization and generosity.

Take me to Section Three; Fostering Greater Happiness & Calm


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