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Hey guys,


I’m Jenny Leigh, the founder of Accessible Psychology, and I just wanted to personally welcome you to my site,  designed to help you create the life you long for 🙂


A friend of mine recently told me she was a little overwhelmed by the volume of articles on here and didn’t really know where to begin, so I decided to set up this page for newbies to highlight where’s a great place to start. Feel free to dive in where you want but, if, like my friend, you’re unsure of where to begin, this page should guide you to where to go, depending on your needs.


Creating The Life You Long For From Scratch…

If you want to create the life you long for from scratch I would recommend reading the Self Esteem & Self Compassion category, followed by the Designing Your Life category and then the Assertiveness & Communication category. It’s also worth checking out our Bookstore for the best personal development titles.


If There’s A Specific Issue You Need Help With…

If you’re dealing with a specific issue like anxiety I would look at the Dealing With Difficult Emotions category. It’s also worth browsing The Best Of The Rest Resources Page – Section One – which features free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT for short) based courses. Our Bookstore also has tonnes of awesome books on subjects like anxiety, OCD and depression to name but a few – all recommended by top therapists as their go to books.


If You’re Looking To Enhance Your Life Through Personal Development…

If you’re simply looking to enhance your life through personal development I have something for you too! I recommend taking a cheeky peak at the Personal Growth category followed by Kindness, Happiness & Joy. The Best Of The Rest Resources Page – Section Three – which features free guidebooks on happiness. The Bookstore is also crammed full of titles on personal development from success to habits and even developing optimism.


Definitely Worth A Look…

For seasonal topics please visit the Off Topic category which features articles such as Spring cleaning or preparations for the holidays.


All other categories are pretty self-explanatory and include Relationships, Career & Finances and Exercise & Well-being.


If you’re into Books and Films like me, you can also check out our Reviews section where all the latest releases will be reviewed by Graham Pinder at Mind’s Eye Reviews.


You could also try out our Pop Quiz’s on a range of topics like ‘How Anxious Are You?’ or ‘How Much Adventure & Play Do You Have In Your Life?’


Good To Know…

Each month we have a new Hot Topic, with all daily postings around that topic. There are three different types of articles, each designed to compliment each other. These are:


Series Articles         – An in-depth series article posted on Monday’s

In Action Articles   –  Don’t just read it, live it! Exercises designed to implement the series posts into your daily life. Posted on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

General Posts          – Linear posts which complement the series posts.


If you’re ever stuck for where to find the latest Hot Topic articles – just look at the moving slide bar at the top of the home page 😉



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