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You Are Now Subscribed – Here’s Your EBOOK To Say Thanks

Congratulations – you are now subscribed! You can now sit back and wait for our posts to be mailed direct to your inbox.


Every month we have a hot topic on everything from assertiveness to creating lasting change. The more in-depth articles – called series posts – are designed to be read in sequence and are released every Monday. Tuesday through to Thursday we have ‘In Action’ posts which are often Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based exercises, designed to help you apply the hot topic in a simple and practical way. There are also shorter, more linear posts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which complement the hot topic.



But don’t be a stranger, here at Accessible Psychology I have plenty to keep you entertained!


Come visit and take a look at my ‘Best Of The Rest’ section where you will find my ‘Best Resources’, ‘Best Websites’, ‘Best Blogs’ and ‘Best TED Talks’ pages.


The ‘Best Resources’ page is crammed full of the webs most exceptional psychology resources recommended by the top therapists in the world. Want to be more assertive? There’s a CCI workbook just for you. Want to enhance your happiness? Download the Action For Happiness workbook and you’ll be well on your way to designing your most happy life.


You can also check out the ‘Best Websites’ page which has the very best websites featuring in depth information and support for those impacted by mental health, depression, bereavement, relationship issues and sleep problems. The page even features the exceptional Happiness Project website for those wishing to simply boost their happiness and live their best lives.


Our  ‘Best Blogs’ page is crammed full of blogs on psychology, positive psychology, finding harmony and personal development and success. Every blog that’s featured is positively insightful, inspiring and motivational. You need never aimlessly browse the web again!


And then there’s my ‘Best TED Talks’ page which is packed with videos from world class authorities and speakers on subjects as diverse as psychology, philosophy, world religions, spirituality and even creativity.


I also love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what has and hasn’t worked for you, so don’t be shy, leave a comment and join the discussion to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community.


Ooo and just in case you thought I forgot (as if), here’s your EBOOK ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ – it’s just my way of saying thanks 🙂


Download “Don't Worry, Be Happy” Dont Worry Be Happy – Downloaded 58 times –


Wishing you a wonderful week,


x X x Jenny Leigh x X x

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